New Moon Saloon

Whether it’s new beginnings, life transitions, VIP parties or just to create amazing memories with the people you love, we will help you create a container for magic that you and your guest will never forget.

New Moon Saloon is a mobile, modular and fully customizable pop-up saloon available for rent at any type of event. This fully immersive saloon is built from a custom kit that collapses and travels flat, and is erected inside or outside any venue within hours.

Within the saloon, our multi-functional bar lends to a variety of a la carte services: cannabis bars, alcohol bars, elixir bar or breakfast beverage bars. Outside the saloon presents an opportunity to expand the gathering space with lounges, fire pits and more.

Our experienced staff are creative characters, that entertain, educate and impress with every joint rolled, drink mixed or smoothie blended. Guests can indulge as they sit at the bar, relax in the lounge or lean in with friends in this immersive saloon experience.