Irish Flag Veggie Party Platter

Irish Flag Veggie Platter

Raw vegetable trays can make for a great St. Paddy's Day appetizer or post dinner palate cleanser.  Not only are they healthy and easy to make, they can also serve as a staple for vegetarian and health conscious guests.  Serve individual cups as appetizers or make a large party platter for guests to share. 

We recommend pairing celery, carrots and ranch or blue cheese together to serve with a chicken wing platter or enjoy green and orange peppers in tzatziki sauce to help you digest that cottage pie!   If you have any toddlers at home, set up an Irish Flag veggie dipping station where you can  let them experiment with which dip pairs best with green and orange vegetables!


  1. Cut up green vegetables and place on the left side of the platter.
  2. Put bowls of the white dip in the center.
  3. Cut up and place your orange veggies on the right side of the platter. 



1. Lay out tumbler cups and fill the bottom third of the cup with white dip.

2. Cut up green vegetables into strips slightly larger than the size of the cup and place them on the left side of the cup.
3. Cut up orange veggies into strips that are slightly larger than the cup and them on the right side of the cup.
4. Place the cups on a platter and serve!

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