St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Decorating

How to Decorate Cookies Like a Pro:

Check out some video tutorials for simple steps on how to ice your St. Patrick's Day cookies like a pro!

Extend your Family Fun with these Interactive Ideas:

Bakery Business

Before you start baking, create a cookie menu based on the cutters & designs you have available.  "Take orders" from family members, friends or stuffed animals around the house then bake your cookies accordingly.  If you can't be with your loved ones, text them a photo of how their order turned out!

Costumes & Ambiance

Get into your bakers costume with a real apron and chefs hat.  Transform your kitchen into a bakery atmosphere with a table cloth (use a disposable table cloth to help with a speedy clean up later!)  Jam out with some holiday music while you bake (see our suggested playlists on our full St. Patrick's Day party guide) and decorate your kitchen to get into the holiday spirit!

Cookie Sketching & Icing Practice

Before you decorate, trace your cookie cutter with a non-toxic writing utensil a few times to serve as an outline.  Try out different designs on paper with crayons or markers.  If you want to practice your icing decorating skills before you ice your cookie, put clear plastic wrap over your design and ice away!  If things go south, just remove the plastic wrap and start over!

Baking Books

While you're waiting for your cookies to bake, read or create your own St. Patrick's Day Story.

Cookie Cooling Jig

Check out an Irish Jig tutorial on Youtube or make up your own.  Dance your magic jig to help your cookies cool down (and work up an appetite in the process)!

Activity Overview:

  1. Purchase or make cookie dough.  Place your dough on a non-stick silicone mat (or coat any clean flat surface coated with flour).  Use a roller to flatten the dough to your desired thickness (check out your cookie dough for recommended thickness).
  2. Use your Cookie Cutters to cut cookies and transfer them to your baking pan.
  3. Bake cookies as directed by your cookie dough instructions and wait for them to cool completely before decorating.
  4. If you want to make your own frosting colors, now is a great time to mix your food coloring with white icing and fill your icing bags or squeeze bottles.
  5. Have fun freestyling your cookies with icing and sprinkles or use your edible food markers and stencils to outline a design on your cooled cookie.  Color your outline with icing!

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