St. Patrick’s Day CANDYLAND with Lucky Charms

Activity Overview:

A simple twist on the game of Candyland.  Just substitute the gingerbread man game pieces for Lucky Charms marshmallows, add Lucky Charms cereal pieces on all of the green spaces and add a victory marshmallow cup at King Candy's castle!

Setup Instructions:

1. Place a cup of Lucky Charms Marshmallows at King Candy's Castle.

2. Choose ONE Marshmallow game piece for every player and place them at on the game board at the START.

3. Place a cereal piece on every GREEN square.  

How to Play St. Patrick's Day Candyland with Lucky Charms:

Players take turns drawing game cards with colored squares and moving their marshmallow game piece forward from the START position to the corresponding color they picked up.  For double color squares, you get to move your marshmallow TWO colors forward.  If you draw a specialty treat card like the ice cream, peanut, etc, you get to move your marshmallow game piece to the matching treat on the game board.  If you run out of cards, shuffle them and re-use the deck.


  • If you land on a GREEN square, you get to eat the cereal piece on that square! (You can choose to then replace the cereal piece or keep so that only the first player to land on the square gets the treat.)
  • If you land on an X, you lose your next turn.
  • If you land on a square with an arrow, follow the arrow up the game board to where the ending arrow is. 


The first player to reach King Candy's castle at the end of the trail is the winner of the game! They get their first choice of marshmallow treat from the victory cup!  You can choose to end the game there or keep going until every player has had a chance to get to the castle.

If you're playing with multiple players, you can also choose to have the first place winner earn 3 marshmallows, the 2nd place winner earn 2 marshmallows and give 1 marshmallow to rest of the players.

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