Competitive Lucky Charms Marshmallow Hunt

Activity Overview:

How quickly can you gather 5 of each Lucky Charms marshmallow from a big bowl of cereal? Race the clock or a friend to find out!

Just pour a box of Lucky Charms into a large bowl, print our free downloadable game board and go!



Setup Instructions:

  1. Empty a box of Lucky Charms Cereal into a large bowl.  (You can also choose to create separate bowls for each player; just make sure that at least 5 of each marshmallow type exists in every bowl.)
  2. Print out 1 Free Downloadable Game Board for every player.
  3. On each game board, place 1 of each of the 8 marshmallow types across the top row of (in any order).  This will remind each player of all of the types of marshmallows they need to find.

Marshmallow Types:   

Pink Heart, Shooting Star, Horseshoe, Green Shamrock Hat, Blue Moon, Rainbow, Red Balloon, White Unicorn

Game Play Instructions:

  1. Instruct each player to dig into the bowl to find 5 of each Lucky Charms Marshmallow type. 
  2. Each found marshmallow should be placed in the corresponding column on the game board.
  3. First player to find all 40 marshmallows and have them in the correct boxes, wins!

For Wee Ones: 

This game can be a great sensory experience.  It's also a great way to work on fine motor coordination, shape identification and pincer grip skills.

For Adults:

If you like competitive shenanigans, Finding the Lucky Charms can be a thrilling bar game that also makes for a great spectator sport.  We recommend that all players share game bowl to add to the competitive nature of the game.  

1 Player Challenge:

See if you can find all 40 marshmallows in 3 minutes or less!  You can also challenge friends and compare times.

Passive Party Game:

Set up a game station with a few copies of the game board and tell your guests to take the challenge at their leisure.  Each guest must bring a witness to watch them play and be the official timer. Keep a piece of paper nearby where people can write in their names and official times.  When someone gets a new best time, they'll get bragging rights and become the score to beat. 

You can also challenge your guests to see if they can complete the challenge in 3 minutes or less.  Put a piece of paper up on the wall as the hall of fame for whoever completes the challenge.  Have some stickers at the ready for anyone who does.  Wearing the sticker will be a badge of honor for all other party guests to see! 

Virtual Party Game:

Share this game with friends and play against one another on your Zoom, Google Hangouts or any Video Chat platform!

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Competitive Lucky Charms Marshmallow Hunt

How quickly can you gather 5 of each Lucky Charms marshmallow from a big bowl of cereal? Race the clock or a friend to find out! Just pour a box of Lucky Charms into a large bowl, print our free downloadable game board and go!

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